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Day 11: July 4, 2002


We were sure, that today was going to be the day. We would be flying again. Waking up in the morning was still to a gray sky, but if you looked to the horizon, you could see a small light stripe: Brilliant weather! Several phone calls to the Netherlands proved it: Blue skies with cumulus developing everywhere. Just a couple of hours and this weather was going to reach us! Today was going to be The Day That We Got Home. 


The good weather is just on the edge...


So we waited a couple of hours...and another hour... and another hour.......... and nothing happened.


Even our mascot's couldn't console me... and I wouldn't even be flying.


Finally convinced that The Day That We Got Home would be postponed till tomorrow, we fell back in our old routine: Back to the pub. Even eating seemed uninteresting to some of us, so the party split in the eaters and the drinkers. A trustworthy source told me that not eating seriously impairs your navigational talents if you decide to walk home...





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