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Day 12: July 5, 2002


Early in the morning we were rudely awoken by a phenomenon we hadn't seen for quite a while. Someone remembered that this was called the sun and that this might introduce some good weather. News from the home front told us, that today would be the last possibility to attempt a return to Venlo, since rain was already developing in the Netherlands, negating our chances of flying tomorrow. Suddenly, there was a difference between the teams again. While we were already on our way to the strip, team AZ decided to start with a copious breakfast. When Henno was on his way, I returned to our temporary home with a heavy heart. It was time for goodbye's. It seemed that the Eagles weren't right after all about Lichtenau ("You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave."). Thank you, team AZ (More or less in order of appearance: Hugo, Wim, Paul, Ilonka, Sandra, Erna, Harry) for your pleasant company. Maybe we'll meet again in Aosta next year?


I had another look at the airstrip, hooked on the trailer and left. Just before I left Lichtenau village, the phone rang. Alas, we wouldn't reach Venlo. 60 extra kilometers would have been enough to get home, but it wasn't going to happen this year. 


After de-rigging the plane, we set course for Oerlinghausen, hoping against better judgment, that the weather would improve. Since it didn't, we steered to the East and brought our good old YB to the summer camp location of our gliding club. Early in the morning we returned home, rather tired and some 1100 kilometers later. But our goal was clear: Next time we will FINISH!






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