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Day 2: June 25, 2002


Since I didn't land on an airfield, we proceeded to St. Hubert, the national gliding center of Belgium. Today it was Henno's turn to fly and make up for my mistake from yesterday. Although we shortly debated that taking no water in would be a good idea, since this would  improve the chances of being towed up by a very lovely young towing pilot we met the evening before, we finally convinced ourselves that traveling some distance  might be more important than our hormones. 


The cleaner the faster...


The weather was great and after filling the YB to the brim with water, Henno was on his way. After hooking up the trailer, I went to the flight office to pay for our stay overnight. To my surprise I was presented the bill for a stay of seven hundred and something nights. After stating that I had indeed been here four years ago on a previous Euroglide but that it didn't take me four years to leave, they were convinced and presented me the bill for one night (Don't ask me how four years adds up to seven hundred days, but apparently it does in Belgium!).


Henno didn't waste any time and made good progress. He proceeded to the turning point Romorantin and even flew back a little, traveling approximately 450 km. He landed at Aubigny, where we made our first acquaintance with another Euroglide team, that we would get to know very well, team AZ. There was no tow plane at Aubigny, so we proceeded to Montargis, convinced that we could find a tow plane there...


Day 2


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