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Day 3: June 26, 2002


Yesterday, late in the evening we had put up our tent on the airfield of Montargis, close to the airfield cafe. When we woke up, we found out that Montargis has a rather peculiar way of welcoming guests. First we were told that the police was probably going to put us in prison because we had dared to place a tent on the airfield. Next we didn't get too much cooperation in getting a tow plane here. After calling a dozen phone numbers trying to find a tow pilot, we finally gave up and called another aerodrome. There we were more than welcome so we picked up our gear and drove up to Orleans St. Denis. 


Since we arrived rather late at St. Denis, we were in a bit of a hurry to get away. Luckily the gliding club of St. Denis was even prepared to postpone lunch for our departure, so we didn't loose too much time. Thank you guys! 


The cumulus clouds looked very promising today, but proved to be a sign of past activity. After fruitlessly chasing one cumulus cloud after another and dropping my water overhead Montargis, I found out that the place to be was in the blue spots in between. Finally I arrived at Nancy Malzeville (which I remembered from the previous Euroglide) and received a very warm welcome from the local club. The YB was put in the hangar and we were allowed to use all the facilities in their immense clubhouse and even sleep there. 


Day 3


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