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Day 4: June 27, 2002


Nancy Malzeville proved to be an active glider site. A local ASK-21 showed us when it was the right time to start. Since Malzeville is located on a hill above Nancy, a winch launch proved to be enough to pick up the first thermal on the ridge of the hill. 


Sniffing for thermals next to that immense aerial. Henno on his way


It was Henno's turn to fly again and he easily reached the next turning point. That was also the last I heard of him (we kept one another up to date about our location by using SMS. Although mobile phones don't work in the air, it seems that SMS is more or less possible). Since time was passing I just drove in the direction Klippeneck, which was the turning point after Lachen-Speyersdorf. That turned out to be a good choice: I was just 25 km's from the landing point of Henno when he called. He almost made it to Klippeneck, but not completely: After enjoying some ridge soaring on the local hills he landed at a perfect field at the bottom of the hills. 


Landed out.


Day 4


A call to Klippeneck told us that there were some people there that could provide us with a tow the next morning. So we drove to Klippeneck to find a bunch of "seniors", who were having a get-together with a very modern fleet. Again we met some very friendly people, who showed us a place were we could cook, shower and camp. If you have a look at the view and the size of the airfield, you know why Klippeneck is so very famous...


Sunset on Klippeneck The famous glider site Klippeneck


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