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Day 5: June 28, 2002


When we woke up the sky was completely gray. The "seniors" we met yesterday decided to leave, since they didn't expect any good weather. They gave us the phone number of a local towing pilot and left Klippeneck. Although it didn't look to good, we decided to put the YB together and with nothing else to do gave it a thorough cleaning. 


Rigging up the YB


In the meantime the weather improved considerably and we suddenly got in a hurry. Call the pilot, tow the glider to the strip, start the logger, get in and fly. Of course I forgot one thing: To drain myself before the flight... I didn't notice at first, since I had to evade quite a lot of gliders that were flying exactly opposite of the course I was steering. Probably a local German contest that had Klippeneck as a turning point. My small oversight got me into trouble quite soon in the flight. Although I had some utilities on board to facilitate things, the fact that the temperature had dropped considerably compared to the previous days didn't make things easier... Anyway, most of it got in the bag. I finally landed at a small airstrip called Griesau, which was marginally wider than the wingspan of the YB. 


day 5


We decided to move to Cham Janahof, the next turning point. There we met team AZ again. They had already met with the local club and had arranged that we could sleep in the airstrip-cafe. Since we both hadn't had dinner yet, we combined our plans and had a rather simple, but nice dinner at a local restaurant. AZ turned out to be rather decent company and knew how to handle a beer or two, so we quite enjoyed ourselves this evening.




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