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Day 6: June 29, 2002


Waking up was somewhat more difficult than usual. Since it couldn't be the beer, it had to be the local climate that did this to us... The weather looked a bit depressing this morning, so we didn't hurry. It was Henno's turn to fly again and around 13:00 the weather had improved considerably. When we found the tow-pilot, he told us that we couldn't leave before 14:00, since some environmental rule forbid towing before this hour. It is at moments like this that you start to wonder what the world is coming to... It's funny that gliding seems to be a more offensive sport to the environment than, say, motor-cross on a Saturday afternoon. 


Day 6


Anyway, today Henno landed at an glider-site named Kronach, where nothing seemed to happen on this Saturday. So after rigging down the glider with the aid of a local garbage can, we proceeded to Coburg, where a small party was going on. The reason for the party was that three (!) people had passed their exam for a Glider Pilot's License the previous two weeks and offered the club free beers. They obviously needed some help in draining the barrels, so we were invited to a couple of pints. One of the local guys took us to see the "Veste" afterwards, which was a quite impressive work of defense in the old days. 


The "Veste" of Coburg Impressive, isn't it?



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