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Day 7: June 30, 2002


Today it was my turn to fly again and boy, did I screw up! The clouds looked promising and we pumped the YB full with water. After the tow I got a good thermal and dashed for the Thueringer Wald, since I knew that thermals were always better there. Apparently, I knew nothing, because I didn't find a thing and had to land out only 16 km from Coburg, feeling somewhat ashamed and immensely angry! Henno got there fast and since the German soccer team was playing the finals of the World Championship of soccer, the roads were empty and we could race back to the airfield of Coburg. 


The second try, I was somewhat more careful and had a little more success. This time the distance was limited by a frontal system, killing all the cumulus on the route. After climbing out the last thermal to the cloudbase, all that was left was gliding as far as possible. Soon it appeared that the furthest possible airfield would be Hessisch Lichtenau. When I arrived there, I saw a glider standing before the hangar and thought: Great, we can probably leave here again tomorrow. The glider looked somewhat familiar, but I put that thought aside.  After landing I saw a somewhat familiar coat standing on the terrace. I checked the glider again, and sure, here we were again, together with team AZ. 


Final glide for Lichtenau Together again with AZ


The ever increasing AZ family had in the meantime increased to five, so we felt a bit overwhelmed. A somewhat extended visit to a local Yugoslavian restaurant changed all that and after a couple of bears (although the ladies seemed to be more partial to rosť), Yugoslavian schnapps, a guitar and a rather peculiar song about the German result in the soccer finals we even made some friends with the local not-so-locals. 


Since we had the key to the airfield restaurant and an invitation to drain the fridge, we started an investigation to find the bottom of the fridge, but didn't quiet succeed. A shame really, since we would be leaving tomorrow, wouldn't we?


Day 7 



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