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Day 8: July 1, 2002


The rain slowly woke us up around 11:00h. My second perception was that of someone hitting my head repeatedly with a blunt instrument. Since I remembered the major part of last night, I determined that I must have hit my head on the air-mattress while I was sleeping... 


Since flying seemed no option today, we decided to visit the only town in the neighbourhood: Kassel. The only sight worth seeing proved to be a gigantic castle (hence the name Kassel??) consisting of a palace and a fort. Just some impressions (put your mouse over the pictures for some comments):


It's clear who's wearing the pants here, isn't it? A long way to go to get there The castle down under

This used to be an aquaduct, but even the water forgot The devilsbridge... Makes you wonder doesn't it? This is supposed to be a magnificent waterfall. But only on Wednesdays and Sundays. Almost there

Finally the reward, a spectacular view on Kassel!


Returning to Lichtenau we discovered the local pub, and they discovered us. This time, in a futile attempt to reduce cost, we decided to cook ourselves, that is, Henno did the cooking, quite well actually, and we did the eating. The bottom of the fridge was getting close today...


Dinner at home




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