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Day 9: July 2, 2002


When we opened our eyes, the morning promised us another cultural day. Overcast, with showers mixing with rain... After extracting some information from the local Germans, who came to check on us every morning (Thank God, they always arrived just after we cleaned up the mess from the previous night...), we decided on a small village tour, comprising Melsungen, which was famous for its "fachwerk" houses and Fritzlar, which was also famous for something (probably its city wall). It seemed that the AZ team found our crowd to small so in Fritzlar we expanded to a total group of nine people.


Melsungen Fritzlar. Don't be fooled by the clear sky. It was just an opening between CB's.


This time we checked the local Chinese restaurant, after we visited our local pub, where we were well known by now. It seemed that our mascot's opened all doors for us, especially, that very young, very lovely puppy...


Our Euroglide mascot's. Courtesy of the AZ team. 





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