The End Of An Era

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Impression Of The Death Of An Ammonia Plant

All good things come to end


Don't ask me about reasons


Politics above economics?


Just Remember December


The end of an era


Gone is the skyline


Gone are the clouds


Only the silence


only the silence...


RIP December 2000, Rozenburg: It was good while it lasted.



The First Victim


The Final Breath Of The Urea Plant

The first to go: The urea plant, obscured by the fumes of the cooling tower...



Together With Ammonia Plant

...while the ammonia plant is still running, oblivious to its fate.



The Last Prills

The last prills falling onto an almost empty fluidized bed.



And Then... Goliath Has To Go


One Button Is All It Takes...

Her last breath does not come quietly...



Steam escaping everywhere

...when safeties are howling  in a tribute to this record-breaking plant.



The Third Casualty


The Final Fumes

The Nitric Acid plant colors the atmosphere for the last time.



No pictures of a dying CAN-plant. Nothing shows, it just stops.



The Aftermath



Ammonia Plant, Cold As Ice

Peacefully she stands. Still whole, but the change of colors already indicating the first signs of decay.



How It Was Before (Sometimes)  Clear Skies Is All That's Left...

The cloud generator has lost it's impact on the atmosphere...



CAN plant down

Only the depleted dolomite pile shows that something's terribly wrong with this plant.



The End

The bar is closed (forever?)