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Once you've flown the Euroglide, there is no other contest that is more fun to fly. No boring one day tasks that bring you back to the aerodrome of origin (if all goes well), but a multiple day task of more than 2000 km. The task for this year (2002) was 2213 km and covered large parts of Germany and France (see route below).

On the following pages you will find a day-to-day report of the adventures of "team YB" in the Euroglide 2002. Team YB consisted of Henno and myself, Marco, who were flying and driving alternatively and of course our good old LS-3a, the YB. Our thanks go to the DSA, our gliding club, for lending the YB to us for this multi-day adventure as well as the Euroglide organization for their continuous drive to organize this happening every two years.


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