On Wings Of Eagles

Finishing glider at NK2002



 If you have some spare time on your hands, and even if you haven't, I would definitely recommend you to go gliding! There is nothing like the feeling you get from soaring over the country and seeing the bigger picture. The guy who came up with the slogan "helicopter view" was definitely not a glider pilot, or he would have called it the glider view: What you see may be more or less the same, but it looks much better without the noise of engines surrounding you. 


Part of this site is about  Euroglide 2002. Euroglide is one of the most exciting contests in gliding, consisting of a monster-circuit of more then 2000 km. Regrettably I had to miss the last one in 2004, but in 2006 I hope to participate again...


Since 2003, I have my own glider (finally saved enough money...), a very nice, if I may say so, Nimbus 2B (This picture was taken in August 2004 over the Guillaume in the French Alps). I have imported the glider from Germany and it proved to be the first Nimbus 2B flying with Dutch registration, which makes getting all he papers right a little more difficult... 

Since I had a holiday planned only 6 weeks after I imported the glider, I was lucky to have a a very cooperative Dutch Aviation Authority on my side. They did all they could to get me the papers in time and I received all necessary documents a day before I planned to leave for France. Thanks guys! Here you will find some pictures from this holiday.


If you like to see some pictures of my Nimbus, go here