What's New on Madman's Homepage?


October 27, 2005: Has it been that long since I updated? Or did just forget to update this page? Anyway, I've finally finished the gliding page. Have a look on www.marcodonders.com/Gliding

December 2, 2003: I picked up an old hobby, a couple of months ago, which should be mentioned: HAM-radio. Enjoy the update.

April 17, 2003: The history of this site has been placed in a separate page, while the index/start page has gotten a somewhat more permanent look. Hope you like it!

April 14, 2003: Added the demolition page to the ammonia-story. If you happen to be an old colleague of mine and have some additional demolition pictures, feel free to mail them to: ammonia@marcodonders.com 

April 13, 2003: Some minor changes.

July 11, 2002: This time a first entry on the gliding page. Click on the Gliding-button to the left to learn about that contest of all contests: The Euroglide.

April 20, 2002: A black day has been added to the ammonia web: The closure of a record holding fertilizer complex. Lots of pic's to make you (or at least me!) weep. Get there via the ammonia web, or, if you want, directly via this link.

March 31, 2002: Slowly but surely we're getting there. The ammonia chapter is appended with some info on ammonium nitrate and related topics. Check it out. 

October 10, 2001: Finally another update! The ammonia web is updated with a new chapter: Nitric Acid. Go ahead, have a look. Be sure to start at the root www.marcodonders.com , to experience the total madman experience (and to be able to navigate through the site). Bugs and inconsistencies can still be reported at the email-address below. 

February 24, 2001: Some progress has been made in constructing the ammonia page. Go ahead and have a look: Press the "ammonia" button in the left frame! It's probably crawling with bugs and definitely not complete, but it's a start. If you have any comments, see below. If there is no button frame on the left, you may have accessed the "index2.html" page directly. Since this will not work, go back to the root: www.marcodonders.com 

January 14, 2001: This homepage is under construction. The buttons to the left will give you some idea of what will be the main topics in the near future. Stay Tuned! If you discover any bugs, feel free to sent a report to bugs@marcodonders.com.